Gangs of Dunwall

A Man of Industry

Flipped allegiances

With the time and place of the meeting between Abigail and a leader of Bundry’s workforce, the team set a trap to capture them both.  As the two met at the docks to discuss the plans for the riot, the team made their ambush, incapacitating them both.  

The party presented Abigail to Rothwild as the lead dissenter, yet just as they were handing her over Abigail revealed herself to be an agent of Jack Ramsey, Larkin’s nephew.  With this new knowledge, Larkin turned his gun on Bundry, with Bricks finishing him off with her trademark brick to the head.  

Now in cahoots with Abigail, the crew shot their way out of the Butcher’s territory. Upon reaching safety, they made a plan for the crew to keep the Butcher’s occupied so the riot could commence unhindered, thereby putting Jack Ramsey in a position to take over Bundry’s workforce and secure a monopoly in Dunwall’s whale-oil industry.     


moreland_derek moreland_derek

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