Gangs of Dunwall

The Crew Assembles

Rooting out dissension

Bundry Rothwild, both whale-oil mogul and leader of the Butcher’s gang, requested the aid of the party to deal with brewing dissension among his workforce.  With union action in the whale oil industry deemed treasonous in Dunwall, a riot by the workers would attract too much attention from the city watch and may bring Rothwild’s more nefarious dealings to light. Abigail Ames, Rothwild’s assistant, suggested that dealing with the leading firebrands would deflate the dissenters and help restore order.  

After knocking a few heads together, the crew uncovered evidence that the dissension was being lead by none other than Abigail Ames herself.  The following night, DeSoto and Bricks prowled after Abigail to a known meeting place of the workers while Fen and Larkin stayed behind to search her office.  

DeSoto and Bricks followed Abigail to an abandoned warehouse where a large crowd of workers gathered to discuss plans of a riot that was supposed to take place in several days.  Unfortunately Abigail was lost in the crowd.

Larkin and Fen staged an infiltration of Abigail’s office at the Rothwild Slaughterhouse.  Larkin was spotted, but not identified by the patrolling Butchers and was able to make off with a information on a meeting between Abigail and one of the leading dissenters.  


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