Gangs of Dunwall

Stazia's Predicament
The end of Swindler's Hall

As Bricks returned home, she found Stazia beaten and bruised and her apothecary in disarray.  She had been attacked by a group of Hatters who made off with the stash of reagents for Slackjaw’s bootleg elixir.  

Larkin decided to approach the Bottle Street Gang directly about their problem.  Slackjaw was happy to accept their help but placed Stazia in a cell under suspicion of colluding with the Hatters.  Furious over the situation Larkin placed Stazia, Bricks left the gang.  

Spyke, a retired member of Hiram Burrow’s order of spies offered to help the gang in their endeavors.  After following a few leads, the gang decided to scope out Swindlers Hall, a gambling den under Hatter control in hopes of getting intel on where the stash was taken. 

Styling themselves as entrepreneurial alchemist, the gang approached the Hatters inside Swindler’s Hall.  The con didn't stand up to the Hatter’s scrutiny, and soon a hunt for information turned into an all out battle.  Cutting and shooting their way through the Hatters, the gang left the gambling den in a fiery blaze with no further leads on the Bottle Street Gang’s stash. 

A Stay of Incarceration
Setups and Ambushes

While the crew awaited word from Jack Ramsey, two members of the riot, Clave and Slow, chose to throw in their lot with the gang.  

Larkin was contacted by his friend Mercy about a job springing an unknown target from a railcar heading to Coldridge prison.  The crew agreed to help. 

After scoring some City Watch outfits, the gang stationed themselves at a City Watch checkpoint to intercept the railcar carrying their target.  Somehow the City watch knew they were coming, and the gang was welcomed by a squad of troops that poured from the railcar.  

A brutal firefight erupted.  The gang fought their way through the City Watch and into the railcar, slamming it in reverse.  A prisoner was taken, who was informed them that the target was still held captive in the previous checkpoint.  

With Fen taking the lead, the still disguised gang was able to pass themselves off as the replacement crew in charge of picking up the target.  The target was revealed to be a member of Brigmore Witches, named Mileena.  

The job earned the gratitude of the Brigmore Witches and an owed favor from Mercy. 

Collective Bargaining
Breaking the Butchers

In preparation for the riot, the crew started a fire at the butcher’s warehouse block, directing the gang’s attention away from the workers.  As the Butchers’ approached, the party set off a series of explosives and sprung an ambush, scattering their ranks and killing a large portion of the gang.  Wester, the Butcher’s new leader, escaped the ambush after narrow brush with Larkin and DeSoto. 

As the riot was unhindered, Abigail was able to attract the attention of the City Watch and led them to the planted evidence to help indict Bundry Rothwild and disenfranchise his hold on his assets. 

A Man of Industry
Flipped allegiances

With the time and place of the meeting between Abigail and a leader of Bundry’s workforce, the team set a trap to capture them both.  As the two met at the docks to discuss the plans for the riot, the team made their ambush, incapacitating them both.  

The party presented Abigail to Rothwild as the lead dissenter, yet just as they were handing her over Abigail revealed herself to be an agent of Jack Ramsey, Larkin’s nephew.  With this new knowledge, Larkin turned his gun on Bundry, with Bricks finishing him off with her trademark brick to the head.  

Now in cahoots with Abigail, the crew shot their way out of the Butcher’s territory. Upon reaching safety, they made a plan for the crew to keep the Butcher’s occupied so the riot could commence unhindered, thereby putting Jack Ramsey in a position to take over Bundry’s workforce and secure a monopoly in Dunwall’s whale-oil industry.     

The Crew Assembles
Rooting out dissension

Bundry Rothwild, both whale-oil mogul and leader of the Butcher’s gang, requested the aid of the party to deal with brewing dissension among his workforce.  With union action in the whale oil industry deemed treasonous in Dunwall, a riot by the workers would attract too much attention from the city watch and may bring Rothwild’s more nefarious dealings to light. Abigail Ames, Rothwild’s assistant, suggested that dealing with the leading firebrands would deflate the dissenters and help restore order.  

After knocking a few heads together, the crew uncovered evidence that the dissension was being lead by none other than Abigail Ames herself.  The following night, DeSoto and Bricks prowled after Abigail to a known meeting place of the workers while Fen and Larkin stayed behind to search her office.  

DeSoto and Bricks followed Abigail to an abandoned warehouse where a large crowd of workers gathered to discuss plans of a riot that was supposed to take place in several days.  Unfortunately Abigail was lost in the crowd.

Larkin and Fen staged an infiltration of Abigail’s office at the Rothwild Slaughterhouse.  Larkin was spotted, but not identified by the patrolling Butchers and was able to make off with a information on a meeting between Abigail and one of the leading dissenters.  

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