Gangs of Dunwall

A Stay of Incarceration

Setups and Ambushes

While the crew awaited word from Jack Ramsey, two members of the riot, Clave and Slow, chose to throw in their lot with the gang.  

Larkin was contacted by his friend Mercy about a job springing an unknown target from a railcar heading to Coldridge prison.  The crew agreed to help. 

After scoring some City Watch outfits, the gang stationed themselves at a City Watch checkpoint to intercept the railcar carrying their target.  Somehow the City watch knew they were coming, and the gang was welcomed by a squad of troops that poured from the railcar.  

A brutal firefight erupted.  The gang fought their way through the City Watch and into the railcar, slamming it in reverse.  A prisoner was taken, who was informed them that the target was still held captive in the previous checkpoint.  

With Fen taking the lead, the still disguised gang was able to pass themselves off as the replacement crew in charge of picking up the target.  The target was revealed to be a member of Brigmore Witches, named Mileena.  

The job earned the gratitude of the Brigmore Witches and an owed favor from Mercy. 


moreland_derek moreland_derek

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