Gangs of Dunwall

Stazia's Predicament

The end of Swindler's Hall

As Bricks returned home, she found Stazia beaten and bruised and her apothecary in disarray.  She had been attacked by a group of Hatters who made off with the stash of reagents for Slackjaw’s bootleg elixir.  

Larkin decided to approach the Bottle Street Gang directly about their problem.  Slackjaw was happy to accept their help but placed Stazia in a cell under suspicion of colluding with the Hatters.  Furious over the situation Larkin placed Stazia, Bricks left the gang.  

Spyke, a retired member of Hiram Burrow’s order of spies offered to help the gang in their endeavors.  After following a few leads, the gang decided to scope out Swindlers Hall, a gambling den under Hatter control in hopes of getting intel on where the stash was taken. 

Styling themselves as entrepreneurial alchemist, the gang approached the Hatters inside Swindler’s Hall.  The con didn't stand up to the Hatter’s scrutiny, and soon a hunt for information turned into an all out battle.  Cutting and shooting their way through the Hatters, the gang left the gambling den in a fiery blaze with no further leads on the Bottle Street Gang’s stash. 


moreland_derek moreland_derek

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