Mortimer Hat

Among the uninitiated, little is known about Mortimer M. Hat, or the Geezer, apart from the fact that he was already a ruthless gang leader in his early years.

It was not until the reign of the Kaldwins that he took part in a group of investors to reinvent Drapers Ward, a rundown clothing manufacturing district. Along with merchants such as Percy Oliver and Agatha Chesney, Hat started selling high end clothing to Dunwall's elite in the new Drapers Ward. This lucrative business helped him ascend the social ladder, while still keeping control of the Hatters gang to protect his interests. However, such a project was expensive and investigations arose over the sources of his funding and his involvement with his gang.

His shady past was eventually leaked over time, when it was discovered that his workers were subjected to cruel conditions and forced to work excessively, all under the watch of his thugs. He lost favor among the aristocracy after the crash of Drapers Ward in the first year of the rat plague. He still maintained control over the district, even after it was abandoned by most of its inhabitants and patrons, and started manufacturing the sheets used by the City Watch to handle plague victims.

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Mortimer Hat

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